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"Romantic luxury cabinas line the coast of this private island paradise, in the seemingly untouched regions of the Caribbean Sea."

Need to know

    • Four Cabinas (Suites)
    • Option to book entire island
    • Calala Island, Nicaragua
    • Authentic tropical private island in the undiscovered frontier of the Caribbean Sea, inhabited by a small staff of locals, all-inclusive food and beverage, fishing, turtle and bird watching, and relaxation experience.  
    • Check-in and check-out times vary depending upon connecting international flight times.  They will schedule a boat and Bluefields flight times based on the guests departing on the same day.  For instance, if 2 people have an early connecting flight, all guests departing that day will be scheduled on the same boat and Bluefields flight to Managua.

We love

  • Enjoy a delicious rum punch in the beachfront infinity pool.
  • Jump into a panga with your local fishing guide and catch your dinner!
  • Kayak over to Little Calala Island for a romantic picnic.
  • Slip away to your private hammock just steps from the lapping water’s edge.
  • Lose yourself in a relaxing massage at the edge of the water, as the wind blows gently through the mangroves.

An extra little something

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All travellers who book via World Boutique Hotel Awards will receive a complimentary champagne picnic on Little Calala Island during their stay!

Top Secret

The critically endangered Hawksbill sea turtle journeys onto the shores of Calala Island to lay their eggs.  A team of “turtle men” walk the shores each day and night in search of these buried nests.  They mark a tree close-by with a date when the turtles will hatch.  When it is close to this date, they take up watch.  Once the eggs begin hatching, the watchers will gather the guests to witness the baby turtles making their way into the sea.


Tim and Sarah Wickham honeymooned on a private island in the Grenadines, which spawned a private island dream of their own. This dream came alive in Calala Island.  They worked with local communities and craftsman to maintain the unique, untouched appeal of the island.  Calala Island is properly named as calala, means passion.

The Review

Miles off the coast of Nicaragua, deep in the undiscovered regions of the Caribbean Sea, lies a hidden gem … a luxurious, private island getaway, stolen from the pages of an epic romance novel.  Calala Island is fact so secluded, your journey to the island includes an amazing boat ride through the lush mangroves of Nicaragua, along the shores of colourful fishing villages and into the open sea.  As you approach the island, realization begins to set in … this is a rare experience. The dock is lined with beautiful smiling faces; the faces of the native staff, known as the “Calalas,” greet you in song. Their happiness is infectious. From the moment, you set foot onto the warm sands of Calala, you feel as if you’ve stepped back in time to a place untouched; it’s beauty preserved and on full display … just for you.  Massive palm trees sway to the rhythm of the ocean, as if they are alive and dancing a tango with the wind.  The salty air, so pure and fresh demands that you breathe deep. You hear the word paradise used all too often, but Calala Island, is a very real, incredibly rare paradise.     

A true diamond in the rough, Calala Island seamlessly blends the raw elements of nature with all the modern conveniences you need to feel completely relaxed. All structures on the island pay homage to traditional Caribbean style, with palm thatched roofs, dark wood furniture and basket-woven lighting handcrafted by local artisans. One step inside your cabina, brings one breath-taking view after another.  Glass walls covered in flowing linen curtains surround you, proudly displaying your magical, endless ocean view.  Climb into your dreamy canopy bed and let the flowing breeze lull you into deep, relaxing sleep. Step out onto your porch and enjoy a rich French-press coffee as you gaze at the shore, mere steps away.  When you decide to venture out of your new place of peace, many adventures await!  Spend the day soaking in the sun in the beachside infinity pool as you sip a delicious fresh cocktail.  Enjoy a incredible meal, or three, prepared by the creative food genius, Lorne Emerson.  Take a trip across to Little Calala island for a romantic champagne picnic. Hop in a panga with a Calala expert fisherman, and you might just catch your dinner! Enjoy a relaxing massage in a luxury palapa, deep in the secluded mangroves. The island is yours to do as you please.  The Calalas are ready to ensure you have the vacation of your dreams.


Calala Island

  • Address: Calala Island, Nicaragua, Caribbean Ocean
  • Travel info: Flight to Managua, Nicaragua International Airport – followed by second 60 min. flight to Bluefields, 5-minute taxi ride, and a 90-minute boat ride to Calala Island.

Key Features

  • Pool

  • Stunning Views

  • Beach

  • Pet Friendly

  • Bar

  • Restaurant

  • Spa