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"Sustainable luxury in private Maasai Mara conservancy."

Need to know

    • 9 luxury tents and a five-room villa
    • In a private conservancy in the Maasai Mara
    • Check-in and check-out times depending on local flights

We love


  • Game drives and walking safaris straight out of the lodge
  • The privacy -  only wild animals will disturb the peacefulness of the conservancy
  • The outstanding spa experience in a unique environment
  • Environmental preservation characterising every step of your stay

Top Secret

Following an early rise and a 7h-game drive chasing after lions and rhinos, guests often fancy a lazy afternoon. Exclusively invented and designed by earlier generations of the family, Cottar’s ‘Bush Bath’ is the best remedy!  This jealously-kept secret will have you enjoy a bubbly bath outdoors with a glass of champagne. Whilst you soak in the mind-blowing 360 view on the savanna, keep an eye out for wild animals, they are never too far at Cottar’s.


Started in 1919 as a hunting and filming safari service, Cottar’s Safari Service is the oldest running safari company in Africa. Over the 5 generations that have so far run Cottar's Safari Service, their unfaltering dedication to the preservation of this unique history has successfully safeguarded the original 1920s ambiance, thereby offering each guest a timeless experience.

The Review

At the heart of a 7,000-acre private conservancy, Cottar’s 1920s Safari Camp is uniquely situated at the doorstep of the internationally renowned Maasai Mara Reserve. As soon as you step foot on Keekorok’s tiny regional airstrip, the breath-taking Kenyan landscape will leave you speechless. Countless lions, zebras, giraffes, buffalos and all sorts of antelopes will welcome you to their ancestral land as you make your way to the lodge.

As you make your way to Cottar’s accommodation, its 9 luxury tents will progressively appear on the horizon. Each of them is connected by a wild path through bushes. However, do not fear the absence of a fence, it will only taint your stay with authenticity, as elands and baboons will be part of your daily movements. Along with an appointed Maasai warrior after sundown, each tent has its own butler and a private guide, both incredibly knowledgeable about the camp, the area and the animals.

Making you feel at home even in the heart of African bushes, Cottar’s magic really happens near the warmth of the intimate fire place, or at the dinner table where guests can share their respective experiences of the wild.

SUSTAINABILITY is Cottar’s watchword. Every step of your stay would have previously been thought to maximise the preservation of both the surrounding wildlife and local communities.

Not a single plastic bottle can be found onsite. Indeed, drinking water is exclusively extracted from a natural spring nearby thus limiting the environmentally-heavy cost of importation. Similarly, and unless a guest requests otherwise, hot water is available 10 hours per day, heated by wood and elephant dung. Food is fully locally-sourced with most vegetables grown in the camp’s garden or bought in local villages. To top it all up, the camp is about to become 100% energy self-sufficient thanks to its newly-installed solar panels.


Cottar's 1920s Safari Camp

  • Address: Maasai Mara, Kenya
  • Travel info: 45 flights from Nairobi and 25mn drive from Cottar’s airstrip

Key Features

  • Pool

  • Stunning Views

  • Butler Service

  • Airport Shuttle

  • Spa