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"An earthy yet luxurious Spa Retreat where you can truly press the reset button on your stressful modern life. Reconnect with yourself or a loved one in the warm and sumptuous embrace of Gaia."

Need to know

    • 24 Rooms
    • Sitting on the rolling green hills overlooking Byron Bay and the Pacific Ocean
    • A true retreat from the pressures of modern life.

We love

  • The sumptuous Hot Macadamia Oil Scalp Treatment and Massage. Leave it in over lunch and your hair will feel like silk.
  • Yoga before breakfast – even if you aren’t a morning person this is a stunning start to your day.
  • The central Kukura House has a fantastic little library with sofas and nooks and crannies you can get lost in.

Top Secret

Having commented on what was a tangible sense of the sacrality at Gaia the Manager informed us that it in fact sits on what was in years gone by a revered indigenous site, a fact that they did not know for some time after purchasing the property. It has been said that for hundreds or even thousands of years, Aboriginal women from all over the Arakwal Country would come to this piece of land to give birth. There is a sense that the land has held on its maternal roots, sharing its matriarchal soul with today’s visitors.


Gaia was born as a concept between four best friends, one of whom happens to be Olivia Newton John.  The four, now all directors of Gaia, bought it as a derelict farm in 2006 it is run day to day by Olivia’s dear friend Gregg, whose charm and affable manner very much set the tone of the place. Gaia’s staff have been painstakingly handpicked by Gregg through the years, and it shows.  One day, the four friends might kick everyone out and retire in delirious comfort here – so make the most of it while you can.

The Review

There is something special about Gaia. It takes a little time to put your finger on what exactly it is. The little pieces of this puzzle start to come together – the magic of the melodic morning birdsong, the a night sky more crystalline than you have seen in years, and the calm that pours through you as you lie back for a treatment in Gaia’s renowned Spa.  The place seems to embrace you – and by the end of your stay you will be embracing it back.

Gaia is built amongst subtropical rainforest, and sits on the highest point in the county, which makes for spectacular views. It has 24 rooms or suites, though it feels like fewer as they are hidden away amongst the trees and vines.

Gaia makes it easy for you to both relax and rejuvenate, whether in your book that involves yoga classes and gym sessions, spa treatments and meditation, classes or talks, or just being alone with a book and your thoughts. Everything is utterly optional, but you will find yourself intrigued and motivated to explore Gaia’s many opportunities and corners. Yoga classes are a special treat even for the uninitiated and happen in a purpose built studio with ocean views of the whole county.

The food at Gaia achieves what sometimes seems impossible – it is glamorous, filling, yet still very lean, healthy and refreshing. The food is primarily pescatarian (fish or vegetarian), but any dietary needs (including the need for a rib-eye fillet) are graciously and deliciously accommodated.

The jewel in Gaia’s crown is its Spa. They have 24 therapists on their books, with a huge diversity of skills, all waiting to pamper you into oblivion. You will struggle to resist having at least one treatment daily – and you should definitely give in.  

You will find yourself so very welcome at Gaia, and the retreat easily suits both Men and Women, as Couples, Singles, or Friends and it is utterly perfect for a mother-daughter trip.


Gaia Retreat & Spa

  • Address: Address: 933 Fernleigh Rd, Brooklet NSW 2479
  • Travel info: A 20 minute drive by car from Ballina Byron Gateway Airport, 50 minutes drive from Gold Coast International Airport, or 2 hours drive from Brisbane International Airport

Key Features

  • Pool

  • Free Wifi

  • Fitness Center/Gym

  • Restaurant