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"A sleek sandstone hotel and spa on the quiet silver of Paradise, Formentera – authentic, elegant and truly timeless"

Need to know

    • 18 rooms overlooking the charming village
    • Located in Sant Francesc, the closest capital Formentera has
    • Flexible check out, providing a smooth farewell
    • Hotel open from April to Nov

We love

  • The serenity sensation of waking up with the birds melody and a pleasant sunbeam bathing the room
  • Reading a book by the little outdoor pool while enjoying the green palm surroundings
  • Delighting mornings with the most tasteful local products and feeling blessed in every bite

Top Secret

Keeping mind and body active, result easy at Es Marès, the outdoor gym being located in the highest floor, offers a stunning view over the island. Above all, do not miss the opportunity to work out during sunset time. Now nature and soul are fully connected.


Distinguished run-family property owned by Jose and Francisca, marriage genuinely from Formentera, opening back its doors in 2011. Following the tradition of centuries, Es Marès gets its name from the sandstone, renowned material used to build town houses, churches and defense towers across the Balearic islands.

The Review

The adventure begins since you and your suitcases, fully packed by summery belongings, are ready to immerse yourself into the hippy yet magic mood and Formentera’s vegetation.


After a smooth flight and a 30 minutes comfy-boat transfer feeling the excitement, your destination is set right in front. Once landed in the hotel, Jose, the General Manager and Amanda, Head of Reception, will extend a warm welcome and passionately will show you the cozy hotel. The visit includes walking towards the  property’s origin and remote storytelling, through the facilities and suites.. as well as discover fascinating emergent local designers with its expositions.


The hotel interiors will captivate your five senses. Inspiring to write down even a Nobel, recreates a Rustic timeless environment where the nature elements are involved totally harmonized, conveying peace and comfort instantly. The chic décor of wood is handpicked piece by piece by Francisca, the owner.


Your suite at Es Marès will be spacious and luminous, delighting the stay with a delicious welcome pack, comprised by a local rose prosecco and mouthwatering chocolate bonbons. 


Take a break and pamper yourself in the Spa, you will feel even more unwind if you choose the Ayurveda deep tissue massage, is an Indi treatment with essential oils to balance body and mind energy, being 75’ of heaven on earth.


During the experience, the owners will encourage you to drive yourself into the island culture, where the breakfast plays a relevant role in the discovery. Lots of local products such as ensaimada and embutidos will graciously be displayed in the main table and you will love it forever. On the other hand, the exclusive hotel equipment, has been handmade following sustainable procedures, giving you a healthier version of the ambience. 


Take advantage of the evening time by riding a bike across the beautiful island, also known as Ibiza’s unspoilt little sister, which brings a unique and unparallel landscapes into the Mediterranean sea, those, you will never forget.


Hotel & Spa Es Marès

  • Address: Santa Maria street n.15, Sant Francesc Xavier, Formentera
  • Travel info: The small & protected Island does not have own airport, however is reachable easily by landing in Ibiza airport (IBZ) & just embark in a 30 mins boat ride. The ferry station is located nearby the terminal.

Key Features

  • Rooftop

  • Pool

  • Stunning Views

  • 24 Hour Services

  • Butler Service

  • Car Parking

  • Fitness Center/Gym

  • Bar

  • Restaurant

  • Spa