"A formidable hundred-acre farm that promises endless fruit for the nature-loving guest."

Need to know

    • Eight Chalets (including a romantic ‘Floating Villa’).
    • Surrounded by lush paddy fields, fertile grasslands & natural water bodies.
    • A serene retreat perfect for canoeing, bird watching & relaxing.

We love

  • Relaxing in the ultapha (a natural swimming pool) after a long, sweaty bike rid.
  • Round-the-clock access to the hotel canoes which allow you to wade the swampy waters alongside orange-faced turtles.
  • Being able to spot many of the 147 species of birds in the span of a single day, sans binoculars.
  • The goodnight messages on our pillows every night, which seem as if they seem written on location.

An extra little something

Book with us today and we'll give you:

A complementary bottle of wine.

Top Secret

Upon special request, the hotel organizes a special “floating table dinner.” Guests get to dine on a moving boat, and indulge in some delicious food while egrets and hornbills fill the sky.


The Sri Lankan couple owners are committed to environmental protection and preservation above all; the business of hospitality was, and will always be secondary. Regardless of how popular and commercially successful the hotel part of the business is, the management vows to never build more than seven chalets in order to protect the philosophy of ‘nature at its best,’ which depends on minimal human intervention.

The Review

A secluded eco-luxe retreat tucked away in Sri Lanka’s lesser-known Dambulla, Kalundewa is a hideaway for lovers or anyone looking for a touch of the clandestine. At the same time, while intimacy is harnessed, astounding scale is a given: guests have more than a hundred acres of private property to explore on bike, canoe, or by foot. This handsome landscape is guarded by Kalundewa Mountain, and covered by a brilliant expanse of paddy fields and natural water bodies. The only human occupants of this land are the hotel’s guests (a dozen or less, at any given time), the staff who double up as naturalists, and rural farm workers who knowledgeably cultivate the earth. At any time, walking around the retreat is a lesson in natural biology, and with each excursion comes a reward – be it a sighting of a jungle cat or a taste of a freshly fallen pomegranate.

Between these explorations-- or during a thunderstorm -- the hotel’s chalets are utopic retreats. Built by a Sri Lankan architect, each residence comes with a distinct feature: some include delightful plunge pools; others are duplexes that embrace family living. The rainforest-style bathrooms are spacious and open, making showering during a heavy downpour a spectacular delight. Each light-filled chalet is built to so that the outdoors is seamlessly brought inside, and the divide between man and nature is collapsed, creating a hotel without borders.

 Finally, if guests should ever feel limited by the world on-site --- though this is very difficult – many wonders await beyond the hotel gates. Here, you’ll find ancient caves temples, charming villages, and tiny shops that remind you that you need fewer things than what you consider your  ‘basics.’


Kalundewa Retreat

  • Address: Dambulla, Sri Lanka
  • Travel info: 3.5 hours from Colombo airport

Key Features

  • Pool

  • Stunning Views

  • Airport Shuttle

  • Car Parking

  • Bar

  • Restaurant