"A luxurious secluded campsite where jungle safaris are oxygen and animals mean the world."

Need to know

    • Six spacious luxury tents
    • Yala National Park, Sri Lanka
    • Minimalist, otherworldly, a naturalists’ haven

We love

  • Strong gin and tonics as your jeep pulls into camp after safari
  • Sighting an eight-month old leopard cub relaxing in the shade
  • Making coconut rotis in the kitchen and hanging out with the staff

An extra little something

Book with us today and we'll give you:

A complimentary bottle of champagne on check in

Top Secret

All the secrets lie in the jungle, and the Kulu staff generously spills the beans. Ask the staff to take you to their super-secret swimming hole in the middle of the jungle. For a leopard sighting, dawn and dusk are your best chances.


In 2003, a trio of friends set up a camp dedicated to preserving Yala’s rich biodiversity in response to the mushrooming tourist industry in Sri Lanka, due both to the end of a long civil war and pilgrims from across the country traveling to a famous temple near the park. Today, Kulu has a single owner, who, along with a highly knowledgeable team, tirelessly dedicate themselves to protecting Yala’s animals, trees, and plants like they are their own. Kulu’s sustainability – its zero-plastic policy, use of solar heaters, efficient waste management system, and of course its commitment to protecting nature – is impressive and constantly innovating.

The Review

Kulu Safaris is a chic hideaway near Yala National Park, one of Sri Lanka’s major national parks. Through a rough and tumble road and archways of trees, the Kulu Safari campsite appears suddenly—as if you stumbled on it by surprise—but is much welcome after a long, dusty safari. A team of expert naturalists, who also double or triple up as cooks, housekeepers, and friends, guide guests in custom-made, well-stocked powerful jeeps for excursions through the jungle. The gentleman driving you across the park in the daytime might just be behind an excellent coconut fish curry at night. The hands-on ethos of the staff is contagious, and guests too are gently encouraged to participate and take in as many safaris as time allows.

The property’s sustainable project endeavors to sustain Yala’s natural ecosystem and thwart the rapid commercialization and decline of biodiversity in the area. The Kulu staff are first and foremost environmentalists – always mindful of the routes they take through the park, and the impact of tourism on the local ecology. As a result, they are able to achieve a delicate balance between sustainability and luxury, local mindfulness and global standards of hospitality. Jungle expeditions – which begin at the crack of dawn and end at dusk -- are filled with rare and extraordinary sightings. While the stunning leopard is the main draw, Kulu’s naturalists are invested in, and truly enthusiastic about, Yala’s entire ecosystem


Kulu Safaris

  • Address: Kochchipatana Wewa (Lake), Katagamuwa, Kataragama
  • Travel info: A five-hour car ride from Colombo Airport (CMB)

Key Features

  • Stunning Views

  • Airport Shuttle

  • Car Parking