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"Eco friendly hidden paradise set in protected Natura 2000 reserve with private access and poolside views of the island’s most coveted secluded beach"

Need to know

    • 15 unique stone villas camouflaged among lush biodiverse forestry.
    • Restaurant serving organic homegrown produce.
    • Doorstep access to Achla Beach and Andros Hiking Trail.
    • Flexible check-in and check-outs

We love

  • The harmony with nature. All villas are constructed of natural, locally sourced materials which blend seamlessly into the surrounding landscape.
  • The view of the glistening emerald sea and unspoilt sands of Achla beach from the resort’s mountainside infinity pool.
  • Yiayía Menu. Changing daily menu of mouth-watering organic dishes taken from the recipe book of no other than Yiayía (grandma) herself.
  • Massage and Yoga facilities.


Top Secret

Secluded Achla beach is the ultimate detox from urban stress. Enjoy a relaxing morning dip or romantic sunset stroll accompanied only by the gentle sounds of waves lapping the shore.


Mateo first set foot in the secret paradise he termed Onar meaning dream as a child with his grandfather, an Andros born and bred. Fifteen years later Mateo returned to realise his ‘crazy dream’ buying the land surrounding Achla beach and building up this unique resort from scratch, electricity and all!

The Review

The beauty and magic of Onar maintains over a decade since its creation thanks to the secluded location and Mateo’s dedication to maintain its tranquillity and harmony with nature. Reaching Onar is a journey. But it’s more than worth it. This paradise of biodiversity and unspoilt riches is only accessible via boat in calm seas or down a rickety winding dirt track with 4WD, an hour-long transfer from the main port of Gavrio. Emerging from the mountain mist you spot glimpses of stone villas nestled among giant plane-trees, a short stretch from the glistening emerald sea. We had the pleasure of a transfer with the creator Mateo himself who stopped the car to gaze down with us at his creation. ‘Everytime I see this view I say to myself ‘Mateo, you are a very lucky man’. Within the first hour in this paradise you too will feel the same.


The resort, sheltered by the mountains sits alongside a winding river where you can swim in natural pools, jump from small waterfalls or gently meander down to the warm white sands where the river meets the sea. All villas in Onar Andros are uniquely designed with simple but luxurious natural materials, using colours that evoke feelings of calm and serenity and blend effortlessly with the environment. The family villas situated in the valley near the onsite playground ensure a safe and relaxing environment for families to unwind and explore, whilst stone houses perched on the mountainside create a unique sense of freedom for couples. Evenings are spent under the stars, replenishing the body with organic, homegrown produce, sampling cool crisp wines and swapping stories with guests and staff alike. Onar Andros is the ultimate restoration for body and mind. You’ll be mentally planning your next visit from the moment you arrive.


Onar Andros

  • Address: Onar Andros, Andros Island, Greece
  • Travel info: • 1 hour 4WD drive from port of Gavrio on Andros island (organised upon request). Port of Gavrio is a 1-2 hours ferry from port of Rafina, 30 mins from Athens Airport (ATH) and 2-3 hours from Port of Mykonos, 15 mins from Mykonos Airport (JMK).

Key Features

  • Airport Transfer

  • Pool

  • Stunning Views

  • Weddings

  • Beach

  • Car Parking

  • Pet Friendly

  • Bar

  • Restaurant