"Beautiful and serene hotel complete with stunning views of the idyllic Brazilian countryside."

Need to know

    • 8 Rooms in the main House
    • Two Seperate house for more intate stay
    • Minas Gerais countryside, Brazil
    • In 5000 Hectors of land with lots of natures and animals
    • Runway if you come via plane or helicopter

We love

  • Amazing views of hills, lakes and forests
  • Outside hot-tub open very late
  • Delicious traditional organic breakfast lunch and dinner all included
  • Horse riding for all levels and abilities

An extra little something

Book with us today and we'll give you:

An included sunset-tour to the statues at the day of choice. A truly breath-taking sight...

Top Secret

Secret art and giant sculptures from around the world such as from renowned artist Karen Cusolito. The immense size of these sculptures will only be believed once seen in person.


Reserva do Ibitipoca is the brain child of Renato Machado, who opened the hotel in 2009 with the aim of bringing people closer to nature in a sustainable and organic way. His idea was to simply increase the area of protected land, reforest and bring back originally present animals. He is happy if we love the nature as he does.

The Review

Reserva do Ibitipoca is like a beautiful island in a sea of rolling hills. The majestic 18th century farmhouse is hidden away in the Minas Gerais countryside and every angle boasts sunning views of lakes, forests, local architecture and spectacular hidden sculptures.

The building itself is very impressive with key rustic features such as traditional wooden doors, portuguese tiles and soft lighting, providing a both homely and relaxed atmosphere.

When you book a place here, breakfast lunch and dinner is all included, with the head chef trained by the famous Claude Troisgros. They create a different 3 course menu every day, catering for all tastes and dietary restrictions. All food is organic and most produced locally on the farm. Often based on local classics, it's healthy, wholesome and truly delicious.

Every morning there is free yoga, followed by free guided walks, taking you past waterfalls, forests and rivers. Guests can enjoy horse riding and tours of the area, interacting with toucans, parrots and other fantastic wildlife. After a long day strolling, it's preferable to unwind with a massage, or enter the suna and hot-tub all under the glow of a star-lit sky.

At night, the cracking of the fire can be heard in the courtyard and guests can spend countless hours enjoying the view while sipping fine wines, beers and cachaças from the area.

Reserva do Ibitipoca is simply a joy to visit and no doubt it will help you create memories that will last a life time.


Reserva Do Ibitipoca

  • Address: Fazenda do Engenho, S/N - Conceição do Ibitipoca, Lima Duarte - MG, 36140-000
  • Travel info: Easiest way is to travel by car from Rio International Airport about 3.45 hours Get on Via Expressa Pres. João Goulart/Linha Vermelha from Av. Vinte de Janeiro, Estrada do Galeão and Av. Brg. Trompowski for 7 min (4.8 km). Then follow the BR-040 and BR-2

Key Features

  • Helipad

  • Stunning Views

  • No Children

  • Weddings

  • 24 Hour Services

  • Butler Service

  • Pet Friendly

  • Bar

  • Restaurant

  • Spa