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"A hip, 1930s Shanghai-inspired hotel in the heart of Bangkok’s Chinatown."

Need to know

    • 76 rooms including suites
    • Bangkok, Thailand
    • Three restaurants
    • Check-in and check-out times are flexible but typically are noon check-outs

We love

  • The seductive but non-offensive artwork and decor
  • The succulent snow fish served at the lobby-level restaurant
  • Feeding the goldfish that swim in the large, lucky fishpond
  • The location: excellent street food and massage places are at a stone’s throw.

An extra little something

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Top Secret

If you go to the Red Rose dining room on a busy evening, you’re likely to overhear precious conversations between well to do Chinese businessmen. Even if you can only catch a few words, a quick lesson in current affairs will reward you.


The building that houses present day Shanghai Mansion has lived many lives: it was Bangkok’s first Chinese opera house in 1908; by the mid 1900s it was a stock exchange and trading center. Finally, after its last avatar as a department store, the building found itself in trouble in 1998. It was then that the Bursari group bought and converted it in to a classy hotel.

The Review

Shanghai Mansion is a lovely mix between contemporary design and history: while the many lives the 70 year old building embodies is palpable, the stylish, playful décor lets you take in the story of the city in luxurious, affordable comfort.


The fantastic location is probably what draws most visitors here, first. Spilling out in to Chinatown’s sleepless streets, staying at Shanghai Mansion inspires a feeling of connectivity. Guests only have to take a few steps before finding themselves in street’s pulsating with commerce, dotted with some of the best seafood food joints the city has to offer.


Once guests feel like a rest from the non-stop of the streets, Shanghai Mansion is a wonderful place to return. From the relaxed lobby to the spacious rooms, the boutique hotel is cool and comfortable. Moreover the interior decorator’s unique sense of humor brings out 1930s Shanghai in a way that is both chic and tongue-in-cheek: paintings of courtesans seemingly wink at you when you walk by or relax in your private bathtub, while blood-red lanterns and birdcages blur hotel and movie set.


The star of the property is the 15-meter lucky fishpond – a strategically placed water body that also serves as a natural divider between hotel rooms. Teeming with gold fish that swim under lively colored cages, this is a no-brainer instagram spot, and an auspicious location for Chinese couples looking for a pre-wedding photography or tea ceremony stage. This feature, and a massive banquet hall, makes Shanghai Mansion one of the most popular wedding photography spots in all of Thailand.


In addition to the lovely rooms and a large lobby, the hotel also has multiple dining spaces: a private, rose-themed dining room for intimate events, a restaurant called ‘Cotton,’ and an open semi-outdoors restaurant on the lobby level. Through the day guests who enjoy dining-in can move from one spot to then next, beginning at Cotton in the morning and ending with a few cocktails and excellent fine-dining Chinese fare at night. The live jazz every evening draws visitors in from all over Bangkok, and the result in a happy, cosmopolitan crowd collectively taking in the unique pleasures of Chinatown.


Shanghai Mansion

  • Address: Shanghai Mansion, 479-481 Yaowaraj Road, Samphantawong, Bangkok, Thailand, 10100
  • Travel info: Just a 45-minute drive from Bangkok airport. Transfers can be provided upon request.

Key Features

  • Airport Transfer

  • Fitness Center/Gym

  • Bar

  • Restaurant

  • Spa