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    A stylish, oasis of calm amongst the hustle and bustle of Johannesburg.

Top Secret

The original home on the property of The Peech Hotel was built for a member of the Dambusters who moved to South Africa after the war (1940's). The 'House Rooms' are in the very same building.


The building has existed since the 1950’s and was the family home of the prominent Peech family, named for its patriarch James Peech. In 2004 the property was sold and it was turned into the hotel it is today. The owners were very careful to preserve the post-war charm of building while also ensuring that the hotel contained a distinctly modern feel.

From the village to metropolis, South African hospitality is famed. Peech takes this further with a smiling and obliging staff that take care of your every need. The hotel is proud of its tradition of promoting internally and rarely lose any staff. This low turnover means that all who work in Peech know it, love it and want you to love it too. This guesthouse is very much part of the new wave of South African boutique hotels that is increasingly putting this unique nation on the map.

The Review

The Peech Hotel is a hidden gem of the city, tucked away behind high walls in the up and coming Melrose district of Johannesburg. This neighbourhood is noted for its cafes, cobbled alleys and pedestrianised areas; essentially this is not the Jo’burg most people imagine. Nor is Peech what you would imagine. Most book assuming that it will provide a great base from which to explore the surrounding city. Many as a stopover on the way to one of South Africa’s famous national parks. But while one must of course visit Nelson Mandela’s house or the Apartheid Museum, it is staggeringly easy to lose track of time at the Peech and never make it out the door. The rooms, and indeed all in the interior designs of the hotel, are styled in a modern aesthetic. The suites feature hanging bamboo chairs that look like an African take on Swedish design, while the traditional Zulu artifacts that cover the walls strike an intriguing contrast to the patterned wallpapers. Serious thought and a great deal of taste has gone into these rooms. Washing the city dust off in the outdoor swimming pool is a perfect antidote to the travails of an urban holiday. Come evening time and there is no better place to dine than in the chic decor of the hotel’s bistro, where organic ingredients are picked from the garden by the Head Chef Greg. While many guesthouses provide an ample wine list, Peech goes further and offers a walk in wine cellar that hosts all the best vintages of the region. In fact it is increasingly asserting itself as a premier destination for the sommeliers of the city, as it hosts regular wine nights showcasing South Africa’s finest bottles.


The Peech

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