"An intimate and alluring lodge built on the unspoilt beauty of Zanzibar."

Need to know

    • 12 villas
    • Kizimkazi, Zanzibar, Tanzania
    • A secluded, eco-chic, luxurious villa

We love

  • Sitting on the terrace and watching flying fish glide across the ocean.
  • The great repertoire of cocktails at the bar.
  • The cool, refreshing plunge pool.
  • The abundance of nature that surrounds the lodge.
  • Swimming in the ‘House Reef’, in front of the lodge.

Top Secret

Every night, a permanent resident of the Unguja Lodge known as Mr., Gecko comes and sits by the bar, only to be handfed honey by the barman. 


Unguja Lodge was set up by Ralph Kruidering and Elies Hagedoorn who were born and brought up in the Netherlands. They fell in love with the Zanzibar because of the easy, laid back pace of life and the pristine coastline. Their idea was to create a special and intimate lodge, where guests could experience a place where it was possible to be in a peaceful, unspoiled environment and yet enjoy all the modern comforts.

The Review

Unguja is a peaceful and private Lodge, which sits on the edge of a small coral cliff. It is located in what feels like a mini Zanzibar oasis: surrounded by forest greenery, guests often encounter an occasional visit from the local blacktail monkeys, as well as exotic passers-by, such as the tree hyrax and elephant shrew.  The lodge’s organic forms and stylish finish are complemented perfectly by the juxtaposition of the lush tropical setting and the rough coral boulders that surround it. The unique and open design of the villas offer its guests the pleasurable experience of waking up to the redolence’s of salt water and tropical palm trees, the beautiful view and hums of the clear blue water lapping against the shore. As the tide rises the beach vanishes, and the lodge truly becomes an isolated paradise. When the tide goes out and the beach reappears, the lodge is once again connected to the outside world and you can watch as local fishermen drag their boats onto the seashore, and women and children hunt the shallows for shellfish. The star of the hotel is Head Chef, Nyerere, who comes out every evening to talk to the guests about his dishes and to make sure they are enjoying the food. Unguja Lodge also has its very own exclusive dive centre, guests are invited to explore the delightful and diverse species of the Indian Ocean; although the Kizimkazi area is known for dolphins, you may also catch a glimpse of humpback whales from your veranda at certain times of year. For those who would prefer a taste of local Zanzibari life, there is the opportunity to go for a village walk led by a well-respected elderly local villager, and perhaps even visit his humble home.


Unguja Lodge

  • Address: Address: Unguja Lodge, Kizimkazi street 1, Kizimkazi Mkunguni, Tanzania
  • Travel info: Car: It takes 1.5 hrs to drive from Unguja airport to Unguja Lodge (60.1 km)

Key Features

  • Pool

  • Free Wifi

  • Beach

  • Bar

  • Restaurant

  • Spa