"Lose yourself deep within the hills of the Rhodope Mountains."

Need to know

    • 6 rooms
    • Pamporovo, Bulgaria
    • A chic, luxurious and eco-friendly retreat

We love

  • Making a wish at the place of miracles, Bachakobo Monastry.
  • Climbing the 200 steps at the Devils Throat Cave.
  • Plovdiv’s Ancient Theatre.
  • Nearby ‘Kalina’ restaurant that serves traditional Bulgarian food.
  • Orpheus’s peak – 2188m above sea level.
  • Star gazing out of the bedroom window.

Top Secret

If you keep your eyes open, you may notice a wild doe that likes to come and graze in the gardens of Villa Gella.


The Bulgarian owners, Ivan and Dimka moved to Gella for the benefit of their health, as Ivan suffered from asthma. They found a decrepit house, which was in ruins and knocked it down and rebuilt what is now known as Villa Gella. The renovations were completed on the couple’s 50th wedding anniversary, and since moving to Gella, Ivan’s asthma has been cured. 

The Review

At the peak of Gella, the birthplace of the legendary musician Orpheus, you will find the crowning jewel of the Rhodope Mountains. Nestled in this rural village stands a lavish four storey, 6-bedroom villa which boasts breath-taking views of Bulgaria. From the moment you arrive at the Villa you can feel yourself starting to unwind, it is so quiet you can actually hear yourself breathing. Surrounded by nature, Villa Gella offers 6 unique bedrooms, designed by Marja Walters, this is the ultimate in ski chalet luxury. Each bedroom provides a luxurious bed with the finest of Egyptian cotton sheets, a wood-burning fireplace, waterfall shower and spectacular views. The spacious living room and dining area is a place to enjoy deliciously authentic cuisine cooked by the experienced in-house Chef, whose one rule is that everything must be organic! After a long day of exploring, ‘Dimka’s Stew’ with fresh tomato, celery, buckwheat, quinoa, pulses and lots of garlic will warm your weary bones and ready you for a deep nights sleep. Breakfast starts with a home-made raw apple cider vinegar tonic and is followed by whatever you request, but I would recommend Dimka’s organic yogurt, dressed with garden fruits and home-made honey. The spa floor below offers an indoor swimming pool, massage area, steam room, yoga corner and gym with shower and changing facilities. However, if the explorer in you wishes you venture outside of the retreat, nearby city’s Plodiv’s historic centre is categorised by baroque churches, neoclassical cases and cobblestone streets, free from traffic lights, mainstream retailers and fast food chains, the nearby town is rich in original architecture, bars and terraced restaurants. Surrounded by lakes, caves and historic sites, Villa Gella has something to offer everyone: hiking, horse-riding, skiing and bird watching to name but a few. Four of the nine Bulgarian UNESCO heritage sites are within visiting distance.


Villa Gella

  • Address: Address: Villa Gella, 4710, Gella, Bulgaria
  • Travel info: Car: The property is located 220Km from the capital city of Sofia and 100Km from Plovdiv. Flights are available from major European cities to Sofia on a daily basis. The drive from the airport to the Villa takes 3.5 hrs.