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"For the art aficionado who loves luxury."

Need to know

    • 24 rooms
    • Rajasthan, 5-6 hours drive from Delphi and 8km from Mandawa, India.
    • Historical, luxurious, family-run.

We love

  • Being part of a traditional Indian village and experiencing the kindness of the Shekawati people.
  • The all-natural Ayurvedic facial.
  • The special French fries.
  • Volleyball in the day and snooker at night.
  • The maze of passages and courtyards, with architectural surprises and original ancient frescoes at every turn.
  • Array of beautiful birds, including peacocks.

Top Secret

During our walk-through tour, our guide led us to a “top secret” room and gave us a rather graphic and somewhat comical education about the “erotic” frescoes that adorn the walls there.


The Khanna family’s love for antiques flows through their veins. The couple, who have run the Vivaana Culture Hotel for the last two years and also run a B&B in South Delhi, decided to capitalise on their expertise and preserve this amazing piece of Indian architecture, which they have filled with their wonderful collection of antique toys.

The Review

Vivanna Culture Hotel is a refreshing break from the hundreds of other haveli[1] and palace hotels mushrooming across Rajasthan and the rest of India. Most of these properties offer a similar experience of making the guest feel like royalty by mimicking a bygone, regal lifestyle. This hotel, however, allows its guests to live with a rich historical past while remaining firmly grounded in the present. For example, guests are encouraged to take a walk through the space in casual clothes with a glass of wine, or eat “Western” snacks while they lounge in the pool and gaze up at clear, star-sprinkled skies. Rather than the luxurious albeit alienating experience of most palace hotels, this property encourages you to absorb its history slowly and gently, as if through osmosis.

The 150-year old property is a heritage site but is also, above all, a place to unwind and relax. The intimate size of the space makes it ideal for a small wedding (three NRI weddings have been held here), a big birthday bash, or a celebratory family affair. The very pleasant attitude of the staff also contributes to the hotel’s family-feel. Many staff members explained that the small-scale, non-corporate feel of the property is what they like best about working at Vivaana. This feeling translates to the guests, and most find a place in the established kinship system quite easily. With this, the hotel can easily become a second home for many Delhiites, and a conveniently close one too.

[1] Haveli is the term used for a private mansion in India and Pakistan, usually one with historical and architectural significance.


Vivaana Culture Hotel

  • Address: Churi Ajitgarh, Mukundh Garh, Jhunjhunu, Rajasthan 333701, India
  • Travel info: Between a five and six hour drive from New Delhi. A train service has also recently opened up.

Key Features

  • Pool

  • Free Wifi

  • Bar

  • Restaurant

  • Spa